Submissions Closed

Speaker submissions for 2017 are now closed.

In the past, INDUSTRY has seen it’s fair share of global product leaders take the stage — including Ken Norton of GV, Mina Radhakrishnan of Uber, Nir Eyal, Author of Hooked… and many others. Now, it may be your turn to grace the very same INDUSTRY stage.

16 carefully selected product leaders will present during the main session of INDUSTRY 2017 (September 14th and 15th). If you want to be considered for one of these spots, you are now invited to submit your speaking proposal.

Applicants should be able to:

1) Deliver an engaging talk for 25 minutes to a large crowd of product peers

2) Address one of these four themes:

Ideation: finding and validating markets/problems — e.g., customer interviews, brainstorming, market analysis

Design: creating solutions — user experience, prototyping, a/b testing

Development: putting products together — e.g., agile, engineering, supply chain

Growth: maintaining products — e.g., roadmapping, resources, JTBD

3) Be willing to work with the INDUSTRY team to shape your talk around the question, ‘what does this mean for me, a product manager?’

If you’re selected to speak at INDUSTRY, you will receive an allotment¬†for travel related expenses including hotel and airfare, receive one complimentary pass to INDUSTRY (value: up to $695), and you’ll be invited to our exclusive Speakers Dinner, including only speakers from the current and past INDUSTRY events.