30 Jun How ESPN is wherever you are, whenever you want it

Announcing Ryan Spoon, ESPN’s Senior Vice President, Digital Product Management as headline speaker at INDUSTRY, the product conference. September 15th and 16th, Cleveland, Ohio. Use code SPOON to save $100 if you register today.

ESPN has been hugely successful in recent years in integrating with nearly every screen that people own. The ease of moving from TV, to laptop, to phone while watching a game or catching up on highlights is possibly unparalleled for a media company today.

Ryan Spoon will be able to take a lot of credit for that. Having joined ESPN in 2012, he’s been instrumental in developing popular products such as ESPN.com, ESPN Mobile, WatchESPN, Fantasy and others.

You could say that Ryan has an unenviable task of creating products that are being used, prodded at and scrutinized by a mainstream audience every moment of every day. Oftentimes it will be critical that these products work, with eager fans depending on their performance in order to see the last minute of a game or an important replay.

The tools and processes that Ryan now uses to tackle this challenge have been honed during the years as he worked with many prominent startups in Silicon Valley. He held operational roles with eBay and WidgetBox before becoming a venture capitalist with Polaris where he specialized in early-stage consumer internet, social media and e-commerce investments. At Polaris, Spoon was a director or observer at companies including WordPress, ShoeDazzle and and Movity (acquired by Trulia).  Additionally, Spoon was responsible for leading Dogpatch Labs, an early-stage incubator that was home to Instagram and TaskRabbit.

Come join us at INDUSTRY to hear from him and product leaders from places like Google Ventures, Slack, Hilton and others.

* OK, maybe ESPN has not yet figured out how to integrate with your microwave, but they will. They will.

Paul McAvinchey
Paul McAvinchey

During the day, Paul heralds the awesome product design abilities of DXY and by night you'll see him organizing Industry, a conference in Cleveland for people who build, launch and scale world class products. Find him @YABOYA.

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