Come to Cleveland for two days in September to step out of execution mode, get inspired and really think about your product.

“This is a great production, an amazing event.”

Trevor Owens
Author of The Lean Enterprise and Industry 2015 speaker

In this short video, hear Trevor Owens talk about the importance of acting like a startup, his definition of a Product Person and why coming to INDUSTRY is so important.

Convince Your Boss


Attending INDUSTRY will be impactful for you personally and professionally. What you’ll learn from the speakers and your peers will be invaluable. Even so, we know it may take some pushing to convince your boss that this is a worthwhile investment. So we have created this letter template that you can download, edit and send to your boss to help you make your case.

1. Step out of execution mode

A product person’s job is crucial to an organization and it’s often difficult to step out of the role for a few days. The nature of the job calls for you to have your eye on many moving levers and be working towards regular shipping dates. However, it’s dangerous for a person in this position to constantly be in execution mode. It’s important that you take time to reflect on the entire system, what you’re working towards and how things are performing.

And …

  • Travel to Cleveland, Ohio, a city on the up in the center of America’s industrial heartland.
  • Spend two days undistracted by your daily grind, breathe and reflect.
  • Expand your perspective on your organization and product by taking time to see things from new angles.

2. Get Inspired

A product person is not a project manager. You were hired not just to quarterback the shipping of products but also to leverage your considerable creativity and know-how. And this needs to be cultivated by connecting, collaborating and learning with your peers. The results of doing this on a regular basis is clear — you and your company will take bigger leaps and be more disruptive than your competitors.

And …

  • Learn from some of the world’s most respected product thought leaders.
  • Hear how non-traditional product people think about the product creation process.
  • Get up close and personal with speakers and attendees during interactive, accessible “Talk Shop” sessions.

3. Really Think About Your Product

Whatever stage your product is at, you must always question what it is and who it is for. A good product person will think deeply about these things in order to maintain the advantages that you have or to usurp those who are already winning. It makes sense then to take some time outside of your daily schedule to seriously deliberate on the value that you and your team are trying to deliver.

And …

  • Deep-dive into industry-specific workshops.
  • Discuss challenges and solutions with other attendees that are also in your industry at one of the array of networking events.
  • Take key learnings and speaker decks from the conference back with you to your company for immediate action.